Amok Time’s Crite from “Critters”

Critters is one of those movies that even if someone hasn’t seen it, they can recall the creature.  Example:

Me: Hey, have you ever seen Critters?

Normal Person: Ummm…is that the one where the little fur balls form into a giant ball?

Me: Bingo.

I’ve actually had that exchange a few times when discussing films with people and creature films like Critters is mentioned. More than one person can recall vague childhood memories of seeing these vicious little bastards simply by their unique design. Which was why I was so thrilled to see this promotional photo by Amok Time Toys…


Amok Time Crite Promo Pic

Critters is one of those movies that horror fans love! It earned three sequels, two direct to home video. The third film in the franchise was actually the first film to star a child actor named Leonardo DiCaprio. I can recall fans on toy message boards back when I was in college always including a Crite, the species’ name, on their lists. I was really surprised to see one finally get made and it was well worth the wait.


Crite in package

The package is small and great!  Lined with art from the film’s poster, the Crite’s window box package is the type you want to keep even if you plan on opening the figure.  But, once you get him out…

Crite head on


He’s a solid piece of vinyl about five inches tall with realistic hair. Being solid, he is limited in poses he can be placed in, but it really isn’t an issue, in my opinion. He’s simple, but exactly what fans have wanted for many years! I wish there could have been a tad more articulation in the mouth, but I was pleasantly surprised to see this when I opened him..


Crite profile

The grey hair seemed to pop much more in person than in Amok Time’s promotional stills, making him even better. As part of their Monstarz line, this guy is just the latest in a series of horror themed collectibles available by Amok Time! I know I will be featuring some in the future. Amok Time has really tapped into core fandoms and delivered some figures that I love.

This guy is only $19.99 and for a toy that long-awaited with a cool display box and realistic hair, that’s a great price. Please follow the link below to grab a Crite to place somewhere in your house to frighten a family member!

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