NECA’s Ultimate Leatherface

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It’s a unique title to say the least. It instantly floods your mind with horrific images:  The sound of a chainsaw and people screaming. It’s a title that has been used in parody throughout popular culture since it first appeared. It had a monumental impact on not just the horror genre, but on all films.

It turned 41 the other day, it premiered on October 1st, 1974.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Box Front

When I was a kid, this was one of those movies that was whispered about at school. It had all kinds of urban legends attached to it. I distinctly remember a few of them. First, it was that the government just flat out banned the film. Then, that it was only available in the adult section of the video store with the porn because it was so violent that it made people throw up in the theaters. So, naturally, I was dying to see it. My parents were very cool with me watching R-rated movies after having a brief talk with me. They just trusted me, and if I ever said or did anything that would have let them think that was a bad idea, the would’ve not let me watch them anymore. They finally let me rent it in 7th grade. I loved it, but it was a very different film than that which was built up on the playground.

This past week was the 41st anniversary of the film, and it was perfect timing as I recently received a free sample of NECA’s new Ultimate Leatherface figure upon visiting their studios.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Open Box    TCM Ultimate Leatherface Tray   TCM Ultimate Leatherface Back Box

It comes in NECA’s Ultimate display box window format with Velcro disk flap. Included for display purposes is a great background insert of the entrance to Leatherface’s slaughter room. This insert is significant as it is seen in the first moment Leatherface appears in the film, raising a hammer over his head to strike.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Appearance Pose

He comes with one alternate head with a old lady type skin mask as seen in the film.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Old Lady

After you choose your head, you have an array of deadly instruments to turn people into furniture for your living room.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Accessories

One of the nicest features of this figure is the soft, vinyl apron, a nice touch to what are usually all plastic figures. The blood splatter pattern on the apron is a nice touch of realism.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Hook and Apron

Another nice feature of this figure is the chainsaw. It is made of a soft, more malleable plastic to avoid the risk of snapping at the handles.

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Chainsaw

This figure, especially with it’s background insert, made an excellent addition to my Texas Chainsaw shelf!

TCM Ultimate Leatherface Shelf

Retailing for around $24.99, this is a great second Ultimate horror figure behind Ultimate Freddy Kreuger last year and an Ultimate Jason later this fall.

Check out NECA Toys at the official site: and on Twitter @NECA_TOYS

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