NECA’s Kenner Aliens Vs. Predator 2 Pack

Kenner Logo

I’m sure most people my age are familiar with this logo from their childhood. Kenner Toys, one of the biggest companies of our youth who brought you toy lines like “Jurassic Park,” “Care Bears,” “The Real Ghostbusters,” “Littlest Pet Shop,” and more. But, it was their “Alien” and “Predator” lines that really caught my attention. And hands down, the best part of both of those series was this…

THIS was what I was looking for! Toys from my two favorite franchises! Like other movie toys, these didn’t look exactly like the creatures in the film, but I couldn’t have cared less. Kenner continued to produce Aliens and Predators toys for a few more years. I continued to collect them into me early teen years because I grew out of actually playing with them but I still wanted to collect them simply because of what they were. I guess that has to be the real genesis of how my collecting started. So I had a real, deep moment on memory lane when NECA revealed this…


An adult collector version of Kenner’s famous 2-pack. The Warrior Alien against the Renegade Predator. These aren’t the first older Kenner designs redone in modern style by NECA Toys, and there are more on the way.


The art design in the original Kenner packaging is brought back by NECA on both the front and back of the new version. This back section shows off the previously mentioned other Kenner inspired NECA Toys.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Alien in package

The Warrior Alien comes with a smooth dome and accurate, silver nail coloring from the original Kenner version.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Alien Mouth Closed

It also comes with an opening mouth and extendable, inner jaw.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Alien Mouth Open

This version of the Renegade Predator comes with extending wrist blades, shoulder mount with posable cannon, plasma pistol and dual edged blade.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Predator in package

It includes an alternate head of the Predator wearing his mask. The original Kenner Renegade had a removable mask, but making a single head able to have a removable mask and remain screen accurate isn’t possible at this scale.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Predator Alt Head

This is actually the second version of the Renegade Predator NECA has released. This earlier version has a silver color to its armor and more greenish tones in its skin.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Predator Pose

This is a great incentive to collectors to have choices in figure versions instead of just reusing one version twice.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Predator Renegade Compare

You can also see the first version of Renegade on the back of the 2-pack’s insert pictured above.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Comic cover

One of the coolest features of the original Kenner Alien and Kenner toys were small, rolled up comic books that were placed in the bottom of the toy’s packaging. NECA included a complete replica of the comic that was included in the original Kenner 2-pack.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Comic page

Priced at $43.99, it’s a little more expensive than pervious NECA Toys R Us Exclusive 2-packs. But honestly, when you take into account the size of each figure, the features on each, multiple Predator accessories and weapons, an alternate head and a comic book, I think it is a very fair price. Available only in Toys R Us stores or on their website, this set is back in stock after selling out after its first release.

NECA AVP 2 PACK Battle Pose

I’m very tempted now to go hunt down one of the Kenner 2-packs to go alongside these on my shelf. I’ve already seen many fans on Facebook and Twitter already pose such great shots and I think I may follow suit.

Please check out for more pictures of retro toys, reviews and an excellent forum.

Check out NECA at and on Twitter @NECA_TOYS

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