NECA’s San Diego Comic Con 2016 Exclusives


NECA Toys has always brought some amazing, exclusive figures to the annual San Diego Comic Con. Just last year for example, they introduced a MEGO style Pamela and young Jason Voorhees 2 pack from the finale of Friday the 13th featuring for the first time the iconic, jump scare reveal version of Jason in the likeness of actor Ari Lehman. This year’s Con just ended and 2016’s batch of exclusives is killer! They brought a walloping ten figures between four separate items!


The iconic, lone survivor of the Hadley’s Hope colony from Aliens, young Rebecca “Newt” Jorden, a cloaked version of the Scar Predator from AVP: Alien Vs Predator and two, four figure sets from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game. One featuring the four iconic Turtles and one containing their arch nemesis, the Shredder, along with three types of Foot Soldiers.

We’ll start with Newt, one of the most memorable cast members of Aliens.


She includes her doll head “Casey”, her Second Grand Citizenship Award, a flashlight and Corporal Hicks’ helmet.





Newt is able to hold Casey in her hand.


The award contains the exact image used in the film.


The helmet fits snug onto Newt’s head despite it clearly being a size too large for her.


Newt is a perfect companion piece for the Ripley that was released previously.


Or as a final touch when recreating the classic Power Loader vs Alien Queen battle!


Next is the cloaked version of the Scar Predator from AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. NECA has a history of releasing an exclusive Predator figure at almost every San Diego Comic Con and many have been cloaked variants as is this one.


Included with Scar is a cloaked, extended spear, a cloaked plasma caster, a cloaked shuriken, a cloaked ceremonial dagger, a set of bloody wrist blades and a temple map hologram.


The plasma caster plugs into the back the back and the spear can be attached via a clip.



The blades plug into the right wrist unit.


The hologram plugs into the open, left wrist computer.


The dagger slides into the sheath on the right leg.


Finally, we come to the two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Arcade Game box sets. One for the four Turtles and one with the Shredder and three Foot Soldiers.


Fans have long requested NECA to return to the world of TMNT ever since the release of their 2008 Mirage Studios style Turtles. These were the designs that appeared in the original comic book release, long before the cartoon series became a massive hit. However, regardless of fan desire, the licensing rights after 2008 went to Nickelodeon whom have since controlled it very tightly. In fact, these two sets were only available at SDCC, no other retail in person or online would be legally allowed via the agreement that was made with NECA. Not even at other Comic Con events. After market sales are permitted as they are individual owners selling their property.


The two, four character box sets come in pull down, window flap packages that are designed to look like the arcade cabinet that the original game was in. The artwork of the Turtles and the photos of the actor and actress playing the Shredder and April O’Neil are the same as the original cabinets.


The top of the pull down flap is the original arcade, button layout with instructions.


The back features the 4 player slots seen in the arcade game as well with the figures in the poses from the game.


The Foot Clan box is the same as the Turtles box, but with fire, and the wording and logo of the Foot Clan appearing.


Each set also includes screen shot artwork from backgrounds in the arcade game. It appears exactly as players saw it when they played. The Turtles set comes with a Manhattan street scene with a TV playing April O’Neil calling for help. The Foot set comes with an insert of the portal to Dimension X room from the Foot Clan’s subterranean, mobile base, the Technodrome, where the game’s final battle takes place.


The Turtles set includes Leonardo…






and Raphael.


Each Turtle comes with his signature weapon(s) as well as alternate hands that are interchangeable between all four Turtles. Leonardo and Donatello each come with weapon holsters on their backs attached to their belts.

Leonardo’s pair of katanas…


Michelangelo’s pair of nunchaku…


One of the sticks of one of the nunchaku can be removed and placed into an awesome twirl effect to simulate the swing of the chain in the air.


Donatello’s bo…


The bo splits into two pieces to make placing it into Donatello’s hands easier.


and Raphael’s pair of sais.


The number of poses you can create with these four figures is almost limitless. And, of course, what Turtles set wouldn’t be complete without their favorite thing in the world?



They also wouldn’t be much good without some enemies to fight…


The Foot Clan box set includes the Shredder…


A white Foot Soldier…


A purple Foot Solider…


And an orange Foot Solider.


Shredder comes with the katana he wields in the game’s final battle.


The Foot Soldiers come with an assortment of seven different weapons that make up part of the arsenal that the hundreds of Foot Soldiers use in the Arcade Game in their attempts to destroy the Turtles!


Both inserts, along with the massive amount of accessories, give collectors the chance to recreate tons of different fight stances and moves from the game!


This year’s SDCC exclusives from NECA are among some of my favorite that they’ve ever done. The TMNT boxes are an awesome example of the kind of detailing all the way down to the packaging that makes NECA stand out as a company. As well as being able to deliver a long requested Aliens figure, next year should prove hard to beat. All four of these exclusive items are available on secondary markets.


You can follow NECA on Twitter here and myself here.

I’m Ash and thanks so much for reading!

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