NECA’s MEGO style Chop-Top


The 1980’s were a golden age of horror movies. From the endless sequels, to the countless low budget sex and gore filled direct to video flicks, many of the horror characters and images have lasted in the memories of moviegoers for over thirty years.

This guy’s ugly face is certainly one of them!


From NECA Toys comes Chop-Top, the psychotic Vietnam veteran with a self mutilation problem from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2!


Chop-Top comes in the standard MEGO style packaging that can be opened and resealed for collectors.


He includes fabric clothing and a wide variety of accessories such as…

A wig…


A pair of glasses…


A coat hanger…


A lighter…


A hammer…


and a extendable, straight razor!

Chop-Top is the older brother of Bubba, a.k.a Leatherface, and the “brains” so to speak of the evil, cannibalistic family, played by Bill Moseley. He’s the one who leads the kidnapping attempt on the film’s main character Stretch at the radio station where she works. This is where the audience is first introduced to Chop-Top, who immediately puts viewers on edge with his bizarre behavior and appearance.


NECA nailed this bizarre appearance perfectly! When Chop-Top first appears in the film, he is wearing what his calls his “Sonny Bono” wig and a pair of purple, hippie glasses while burning the end of a coat hanger and scratching his head with it.


After a close call from Leatherface, it’s revealed that Chop-Top actually has an exposed, metal plate in his skull!


He has been scratching around this wound with the coat hanger after sterilizing it with the lighter and then actually eating whatever small pieces of flesh he picks away.


Chop-Top then uses a hammer to dispatch Stretch’s engineer, LG, in a most brutal way!


He also uses a straight razor later in the film against Stretch herself.


This figure is great! Every weird and gross aspect of this character that audiences remember so vividly is captured in plastic form, like his teeth necklaces.


The leather like material of the vest, buttons and the patches on the jeans are excellent stand outs on this figure as well.


NECA also recently released a retro style figure of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as well and they go together so well!


Featuring amazing art by Jason Edmiston, who you can follow here, both of these retro style figures are available now online and in stores for around $30.00 a piece.


For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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