NECA’s Shout! Factory Exclusive MEGO style Good Guy Chucky


Along with Freddy Kreuger, Chucky from the Child’s Play series stands out to me personally as the one horror icons who scared kids the most in the 80’s who were in my age range. A story about something meant to bring happiness and comfort to a child being twisted into a legitimately scary and sad tale really touched a nerve with my generation.

NECA Toys has a history with the Child’s Play franchise and fans have been eagerly asking for them to return to it. They did this month with a very unique Chucky collectible that has been having horror fans raving!


The limited edition Shout! Factory MEGO style Good Guy Chucky exclusive to their Blu Ray combo set! Made by NECA to be sold only with this set on Shout! Factory’s website, it also includes a brand new edition of the original Child’s Play film with new extras, an alternate Good Guy Blu Ray slipcase and two posters.


Meant to recreate the Good Guy doll in it’s original, non-possessed form, it comes in a sturdy, cardboard box intended to be reopened multiple times and printed to match the box seen in the film.


As an extra touch of 80’s nostalgia, the figure tray is settled in with a background insert image of a cardboard tray to match the type 80’s were packed with.


The Chucky doll itself matches what the viewer sees of it for 75% of the film, the non-evil toy that Andy carries around.


Chucky translates into a MEGO style figure very well due to the fact that the figure you get is the same thing you see in the film.



Cloth outfit, real hair and a plastic body. NECA translated all the little objects on the overalls beautifully as well as two, big, red, plastic buttons.


The color on the shirt is very bright and pops nicely on a shelf.


They even reproduced the objects on the bottom of Chucky’s shoes.


This figure is only five and a half inches tall, shorter than the MEGO figure average of eight inches. So, this Chucky will be shorter next to your other figures.


But when in his Good Guy package, Chucky is elevated and the top of the box is around eye level with your other figures.


Good Guy Chucky only comes with one accessory, the Good Guys hammer he uses in his first murder in the film.



This set can only be purchased directly from Shout! Factory via this link. It is limited, so act quickly if this set interests you. I personally think this set is absolutely worth the $60.00 price tag given that the average NECA MEGO figure is $30 alone and that is only one piece of what you get.


For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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