NECA’s Ultimate Ash


Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn is without a doubt a cult classic. It relaunched the series with a new sense of humor combined with the horror that was introduced in the original The Evil Dead and would eventually lead to the modern interpretation of the character of Ash in 1992’s Army of Darkness and 2015’s television series Ash Vs. Evil Dead on the Starz Network.


So, when NECA revealed in 2011 that they would be making a series of figures based off of Evil Dead II, horror fans went crazy for them! There were four figures; Farewell To Arms Ash, Deadite Ash, Henrietta and Hero Ash. They were so popular it lead to a San Diego Comic Con exclusive version of Ash, Hero from the Sky Ash, to go on sale in 2011. The figures have garnered high prices on secondary markets ever since.


So, when the Ultimate line rolled out a few years ago, fans wondered and hoped that Ash would make the roster. Well, he has and he’s finally here; Ultimate Ash!

Ultimate Ash comes in the now standard window flap box that works so well with these figures.


And this box in particular includes a reminder of one of the funnier moments in the film.


The background insert is the inside of the infamous cabin.


Ultimate Ash features a newly articulated body and is meant to be a two in one figure of Farewell To Arms Ash and Deadite Ash.


It includes an alternate head, all the accessories that came with these two figures originally and, like other Ultimate figures, also includes a new accessory to appeal to older collectors; Ash’s original human, right hand. Now fans can have a fully human Ash for the first time!


The other redone accessories include the infamous Necronomicon Ex Mortus, roughly translated “The Book of the Dead”…


Professor Raymond Knowby’s tape recorder…


Deadite Ash alternate head…


The ax…


The shotgun…



Ash’s alternate right arm with possessed hand…


The severed, possessed hand…


Ash’s alternate right arm with bandaged stump…



And Ash’s girlfriend Linda’s severed, possessed head!


When you look at the accessories next to each other, you can see the improvements in the new ones. In particular, the removal of Linda’s pupils to make her eyes pure white.


2011’s Farewell to Arms Ash and Deadite Ash accessories


Ultimate Ash’s accessories

The head sculpts are superior, in particularly in paint application, and can be switched with ease. Allowing you to duplicate the awesome scenes of Ash fighting off his inner Deadite…


Battling Linda’s head…


Or in his post severed hand, ready for action moments!


And with so many accessories, the buyer has tons of different poses and moments from the film they can choose to recreate!


Fans are reacting very positively to this Ash figure and I completely agree. His facial sculpts, paint apps and improved articulation make him stand out immediately. The wet look to the blood paint on Ash’s forehead deserve particular note.


Farewell to Arm’s Ash, Ultimate Ash and Deadite Ash


Ultimate Ash left, Deadite Ash right

Fans have also been asking if Hero Ash is going to get the Ultimate treatment as he comes with the chainsaw hand and sawed off shotgun look made so famous in the film. So far, NECA has dropped hints that there may be a re-release of it soon!

This Ultimate Ash is the perfect collectible for Evil Dead fans! It has many of the iconic images from the film in accessory form, a great likeness of Bruce Campbell, and an awesome collectible box featuring the main skull image from the film’s poster.

It is available now in stores and online for around $25.00.

For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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