NECA’s Ultimate Police Station Assault Terminator


Earlier this summer, I reviewed the first of two revisits NECA Toys would be making to the 1984 James Cameron classic The Terminator, which you can read here.


Well, it’s companion piece is here and it’s just as great, the Ultimate Police Station Assault Terminator!


The packaging is the now standard window flap box for Ultimate figures and this one is great!


It comes with a background insert of the highway where the T-800 pursues Reese and Sarah in a gasoline, tanker truck.


As before with Ultimate Tech Noir, Ultimate Police Station Assault gives the buyer all of the heads and accessories released with the previous two Police Station Assault Terminators NECA released in 2011.



Three heads, three weapons, and an a pair of alternate, damaged hands. Everything is newly sculpted with new articulation added in the knees.


2011 release left, Ultimate release right


2011 release left, Ultimate release right


2011 release left, Ultimate release right


2011 release left, Ultimate release right

It also gives one new accessory with a police, revolver sidearms only seen briefly in the film.



2011 release left, Ultimate release right

This figure is designed to recreate the iconic “I’ll be back” scene in the police station all the way to the moment in the tanker truck when the T-800 is engulfed in flames moments before revealing it’s true form.


The jacket features detailed bullet holes in the front and back and great blood detail. It also seems to shine more than the previous two figures.


Here you can see the Ultimate figure compared to the two previous Police Station Assault Terminators.


2011 Police Assault left, Ultimate center, 2011 Battle Damaged Police Assault

As before with Ultimate Tech Noir and the sooty and bloody coat, some aspects of the previously released Battle Damaged version of Police Station Assault Terminator couldn’t be brought over. This is the bullet damage on the chest and a tire scuff mark on the left leg.


NECA wanted these two Ultimate figures to be able to switch heads and hands quickly to let the collector have essentially two figures in one. The sooty and bloody coat of Tech Noir and the extra damage to Police Station Assault are too defining of the second damaged versions and wouldn’t fit in the Ultimate scheme.

The added articulation in the knees helps for recreating the limp the Terminator has as a result of being run over by the tanker truck.


This figure is very easy to pose and it’s joints are all tight.


This Terminator and the earlier Ultimate Tech Noir together allow fans to have two, all encompassing figures of the 1984 classic for around fifty dollars. Both are an amazing value for what you get and are being very well received by the fans!


It is available now in stores and online for around $25.00.

For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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