NECA’s final four Pacific Rim figures


I’ve mentioned before on this site when reviewing NECA Toys’ Pacific Rim figures how much I would’ve lost my mind for the film if I was a kid now based on how much I loved monster movies when I was younger.

NECA over the last three years has delivered an amazing line of figures from this film, resulting in some of the biggest and most detailed creatures to ever come out of their studio. For a period of time, it was the company’s third best selling line behind Predator and Aliens.

Well, sadly NECA announced late this past spring that they would be ending the line after three years. With the exception of three kaijus, NECA did a figure of every other kaiju and Jaeger in the film, some seen on film for only a matter of seconds. So, even though it wasn’t a complete line, it got much closer than many others did.


The series came to a close over the past few months with these four figures…


Deluxe Kaijus Mutavore and Harship, Ultimate Gipsy Danger and the Loot Crate exclusive Battle at the Docks Gipsy Danger!

We’ll start with the best part, the monsters!

Please note, due to the time in between releases, Mutavore was opened prior to being reviewed. For reference, Mutavore’s packaging is the same as Hardship’s which is shown.


Mutavore was the kaiju seen breaking through the Australian coastal wall on a rampage towards Sydney.


The figure is very fitting for the first Category 4 kaiju seen in Pacific Rim. So massive it needs a stand!


One of the most striking features of this kaiju’s design is that it’s eyes are below it’s mouth. It immediately catches the eye, you can tell something is off with it.


Fans can now properly recreate the Sydney battle with this new kaiju and NECA’s previously released Ultimate Striker Eureka!


Now onto the final monster to be released in this line, the huge and colorful Hardship!


This kaiju was actually one seen in the film for a few brief moments during the films prologue.


Like Mutavore, Hardship comes with a stand and is structurally similar to him.


Besides Hardship’s bright colors, one of his standout features is his lower jaw which unhinges like Otachi’s.


You can recreate the battle of Romeo Blue versus Hardship shown in the prologue.


These two kaijus are very heavy and definitely need the stands they come with in order to pull off most poses.


Now we move onto the main Jaeger of the film, the two final versions of Gipsy Danger, Battle at the Docks Gipsy Danger and Ultimate Gipsy Danger!


Battle at the Docks Gipsy is from the fight between Gipsy and the EMP emitting Leatherback in the docks of Hong Kong.


It features two accessories that allow fans to recreate two of the most memorable moments in the film. When Gipsy smashes two fist fulls of shipping containers into Leatherback’s face.


And the famous Elbow Rocket!


This accessory slips over the elbow joint after the forearm is removed and then replaced.


Gipsy is also splattered with neon, blue kaiju blood to mimic the aftermath of her battle with Leatherback.


This Gispy is a reuse of the previously released Honk Kong Brawl Gispy and was exclusive to a LootCrate subscription service box released earlier this past summer. I’m actually not a member of this service and I bought my copy of this figure on eBay.  The accessories are easy to attach and they allow for customization on each arm.


Finally, we come to the last Pacific Rim figure to be released by NECA, officially ending the line, Ultimate Gipsy Danger.


She comes in the same style packaging as the previously released Ultimate Striker Eureka, you can read my review here, and includes the same wonderful touch of scale to the size of the machine in your hands.


It includes a background insert of the Shatterdome.


Featuring an all-new sculpt of the film’s main Jaeger, Ultimate Gipsy comes fully loaded! Including two closed fists, two open hands, two alternate plasma cannons arms, two chain swords and a reactor blast plug in effect for the chest, this Gipsy allows fans to recreate every scene that includes Gipsy, minus when she is battle damaged.


When combined with previously released kaiju, you can recreate the Battle of Anchorage from the film’s beginning.



Or the showdown in Hong Kong with Otachi! In fact, the ship from the previously released Hong Kong Brawl Gipsy Danger will fit in Ultimate Gipsy’s hands.


By far though, Ultimate Gipsy’s coolest feature is the LED light in her chest that illuminates the reactor blast!


It can also used without the blast effect.


The joint articulation is vastly improved in this Gipsy over previous versions allowing her to stand with greater ease.


All in all, these four figures round out an amazing three year run for NECA with the Pacific Rim license. It’s been one of my favorite lines that they’ve done and with the film’s sequel, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, beginning production in Asia very soon, here’s to hoping we’ll see more figures from this universe in the future!

Deluxe Kaijus Mutavore and Hardship and Ultimate Gipsy Danger are available now in stores and online. The Deluxe Kaiju are around $55.00 a piece and Ultimate Gipsy is around $23.00. Battle At The Docks Gipsy Danger is only available on secondary markets.


For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS

You can follow me on Twitter @Ode2Ash

I’m Ash and thanks very much for reading!

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