NECA’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead Series 1

Ever since the release of Army of Darkness in 1992, fans of the Evil Dead series have screamed for the return of Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell as everyone’s favorite, handsome and still shockingly dumb at times Deadite killer, Ashley J. Williams! Fast forward through 23 years of rumored new films, Ash action figures, comic books and video game releases, it was clear that the time had finally come to bring Ash back to the screen.


Enter the Starz Network and their new show which premiered Halloween Night 2015, Ash Vs. Evil Dead! From the moment of its announcement and with every new image fans saw, excitement grew. The gore seemed to be there, the humor seemed to be there. Expectations were high and Starz did not disappoint in the slightest.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead was an immediate hit, so much so that it got a second season ordered by the network three days before the first season even premiered. And a third season has already been announced.

Adding to that hype is the first series of figures based upon the show by NECA Toys!


Value Stop Ash, Eligos the demon of the mind and Hero Ash!

We’ll start with Value Stop Ash. Due to legal restrictions, the writers of Ash Vs. Evil Dead were not permitted to reference the events of Army of Darkness on the show. The series serves as a sequel to the events of the first two films in the series, The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn. As a result, the writers couldn’t mention S-Mart, the value store seen at the beginning and end of Army of Darkness where Ash works in the housewares department. But because the idea of Ash being an adult stock boy had become a fixed part of the character lore, the writers came up with a new store for him to work in.


All three figures in this series come with an insert of the red woods image seen in promotional images for the show.


Value Stop Ash comes with an alternate, screaming head and a possessed Little Lori doll which attacked Ash in the stock room of the series’ premiere, grabbing his face.



The doll can be attached to Ash’s screaming head.


Ash also comes with his wooden hand, which is removable.


This is another example of the writers having to skirt around the events of Army of Darkness. In the film, Ash manufactures himself a metal hand out of the glove of a suit of armor. So, in the beginning of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Ash is shown simply having a basic wooden hand. The bright red of the Value Stop overcoat pops very well on your shelf.


Next, we have Eligos, the demon of the mind.


Featured in season one of the series, this Deadite has a very different design compared to the other demons on the show. Rather than a Deadite creature we see after it possesses a person, Eligos is a demon in it’s pure form. And that form is ugly!


Featuring a bizarre, eyeless face and chin horns, Eligos’ body is covered in bleeding wounds.


Tipped with black nails, his lower arms and legs have their skin torn away to reveal a red, bloody layer of muscle underneath.


The legs are the most unusual with backwards, bone fragment ankles that lead down to hands for feet.


We round out with Hero Ash. He is the classic blue shirt, brown pants and chainsaw hand look that is cannon for the character and the outfit Ash wears throughout the majority of the show.


He also comes with an alternate, angry head…


alternate lower arm with robotic hand…




chainsaw(Please note, this accessory was received damaged with the top handle missing)…


and stump accessories.


This robotic hand was made for Ash by his Value Stop co-workers Pablo and Kelly and allows Ash to now have the full range of motion he had with the artificial hand in Army of Darkness.

The robotic hand, chainsaw hand and stump can all be interchanged.


Ash’s shotgun can fit into the sling on his back. A great feature of this series is that all of the Ash’s heads are interchangeable between his figures. This allows for a wide variety of facial expressions and poses.



These three figures were great choices to represent the first season of the show and they will soon be joined by a three pack featuring a bloody Hero Ash with two demon children who were seen in the first season’s finale.


I will be reviewing this set very soon!

This series is another excellent entry by NECA into the Evil Dead franchise and a second series has already been confirmed for next year!

They are available online and in stores now for around $22.00 each.

For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow @NECA_TOYS on Twitter and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!


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