NECA’s Ultimate Friday the 13th Part 3-D Jason



Contrary to popular belief, the infamous sound effect from the Friday the 13th film series isn’t actually “ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah”, but rather what you read above. It’s supposed to represent the sound of Jason’s voice in Pamela Voorhees’ mind saying, “kill for mommy”.

I mention this because that sound has been stuck in my head ever since I got the figure of this article’s focus. I’ll explain.

In 2012, NECA released two figures from Friday the 13th: Part 3, a clean version of Jason with removable mask, machete and spear gun. The second was a bloody version with damaged head, bloody removable mask, machete and ax that can plug into the wound in Jason’s head. These sold very well and two more Jasons from the franchise’s fourth entry, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, followed shortly after. Like many figures in NECA’s catalog, fans asked many times for these Jasons to be brought back to store shelves. And like many times before, NECA listened and gave us this…


Ultimate Friday the 13th Part 3D Jason!

Coming in the now standard Ultimate figure box, this one takes things one step further with a lenticular cover image of the film’s poster to tribute the film’s original 3D release! The knife jabbing towards the viewer shifts to the left and right when tilted slightly!



The background insert is an image of a dock that leads to Crystal Lake at night. This is the dock that Jason walks up with the speargun in the first shot we see of him in his infamous hockey mask!


But, that’s just the packaging, the figure located inside the window flap box is amazing!


Featuring a newly sculpted articulation, this figure is another one of NECA’s two in one figures. They have given fans both the clean and bloody heads to attach to a single body that has blood stains on its neck and shirt.

This Jason is fully loaded with seven weapons, four of which are brand new for this figure! Each one of these weapons was used by Jason on screen in the film.

A machete…


An ax…


A spear gun…


A fireplace poker…


A pitchfork…


A wrench…


and a knife.


One of the coolest parts of this figure is the mask. Friday the 13th Part 3 was the first film in the franchise that featured Jason wearing his iconic hockey mask.img_8611img_8614


The grotesque face under the mask is also capture perfectly in the two heads!


Being able to get both a clean and bloody version of the mask in one package is fabulous! There is even film accurate scraping away of the red triangle of the bloody mask that is later seen in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. And being able to create the shot where Jason first strolls down the dock to show the audience his mask is extra sweet!


I also love how the ax can fit into Jason’s bloody head and mask to recreate the fatal blow delivered to him by the film’s protagonist, Chris.


The weapon and mask give the buyer tons of different customization options! You can really put Jason in some terrifying poses!


This is an absolute MUST have for horror fans and it’s an steal at the price NECA wants!

It is available now online and in stores for around $23.00.

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Thanks very much for reading!

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