NECA’s Toys R’ Us Exclusive AVP Grid Vs. Celtic: Rivalry Reborn 2-Pack


The Predator franchise is NECA Toys’ highest selling line. It has been for the past eight years and current sales figures show this line is only getting more popular, with some of the largest and most detailed Predators coming in the next few months.


Deluxe Clan Leader Predator coming soon!

In the past year, NECA has focused a large amount of its time working on creatures from the 2004 film AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. They began in Series 14 of the Predator line with Unmasked Scar Predator, Celtic Predator and Chopper Predator which you can read my review of here.


Celtic Predator, Unmasked Scar Predator & Chopper Predator

NECA then continued producing the creatures from this film in both the Aliens and Predator lines. Series 15 of Predator was again AVP based and Series 6 of Aliens featured two versions of the Xenomorph Warrior that appeared in the film.


Ancient Warrior Predator, Temple Guard Predator & Masked Scar Predator


Grid Xenomorph on the left and Warrior Xenomorph on the right are featured in AVP.

Fans are loving the sculpts from this movie and even more figures from it are scheduled next year for Series 17.


Elder Predator in the center and Youngblood Predator on the right are featured in AVP.

So, fans were naturally excited when NECA revealed this exclusive Toys R Us set featuring alternate versions of previously released AVP figures…


The Grid Vs. Celtic: Rivalry Reborn 2-Pack!


As I mentioned, this set makes use of the previously released Celtic Predator and Grid Xenomorph figures and alters them to create battle damaged versions that look the way they did during their epic battle in the film. This fight and this scene are significant in the film as it is the first time we actually see a Predator battle a Xenomorph. And not just any Xenomorph, as this particular one had already killed the Chopper Predator before lunging at Celtic, showing particularly deadly skills.


Battle damaged Grid comes with only one accessory, the sliced off tip of his tail.


This can also be brandished by Celtic as a weapon.


This new Grid also features a clear head dome where the first Grid had a dark one.


Grid Xenomorph


Battle Damaged Grid Xenomorph


Grid Xenomorph & Battle Damaged Grid Xenomorph

Both versions of Grid feature a bendable tail and an extendable, inner jaw.


Battle damaged Celtic comes with a shiruken…


a pair of wrist blades melted by Xenomorph acid blood that were used to slice off Grid’s tail…



a cloth net with plastic pins…


and a ceremonial dagger.


This Celtic also comes with less body armor. During the battle, the Grid Xenomorph flicks its tail towards Celtic, splashing his chest armor with acid blood that starts dissolving it. Celtic tears this damaged armor off of himself mid fight.


Celtic Predator & Battle Damaged Celtic Predator

Celtic also features a bio mask with deep claws marks running down it from where Grid slashed at his face.


The acid melted wrist blades pop in and out easily.


The ceremonial dagger fits snugly into the leg sheath.


These two figures pose together very well and you are able to recreate many of the battle moments from the film.



A NECA Dynamic Stand help make Grid seem just as agile as it did in the film.


The net accessory is new and unique. Celtic fired the net from his wrist when Grid tried to jump him from behind and above.


The net slammed shut around Grid and he smashed through the floor when he lands. The net is made of serrated line that slices into the Xenomorph, leaving the signature marks across his head and shoulders.


However, those marks draw the Xenomorph’s acid blood which snaps the net line, freeing Grid.



Grid then finishes off Celtic the same way he did Chopper, a deadly strike of the Xenomorph’s inner jaw to the head.


NECA has recently announced that they would be releasing a pillar from the pyramid featured in AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. These pillars can be seen in the battle between Celtic and Grid and look like they will be a perfect companion piece to not only this 2-pack but all the NECA AVP figures!


The Celtic Vs. Grid: Rivalry Reborn 2-pack is a Toys R’ Us exclusive item and is only available in their stores or from their website here for $44.99.

For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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