NECA’s Predator Series 16


Retro toys are all the rage right now. People my age and slightly older have a desire to revisit their childhoods in various ways. Adult themed coloring books from shows such as Game of Thrones and films like Harry Potter have become extremely popular in the last few years. NECA Toys has tapped into the same sense of nostalgia in its products. They’ve created a line of figures styled off of the old MEGO style designs of the 1970’s. And they’ve also tapped into the memories of the early 1990’s toy market with these…

The Kenner Toys themed Predator Series 16!


I’ve previously reviewed NECA’s Kenner styled Alien Vs Predator 2-Pack which you can read here to get a sense of the look they were going for in both faithfully recreating the packaging of the early 1990’s and updating the figure itself dramatically. NECA continued this idea perfectly in this new series!


Along with recreating the figures and packaging, NECA created very detailed backstories for each of these Predators.


As well as the NECA name written in the Kenner Toys logo style.


Spiked Tail Predator and Stalker Predator are updated versions of previously released standard Kenner toys. While Ghost Predator is a creation of NECA’s artistic ability mixed with the design of a larger, 12 inch Predator figure made by Kenner named “Ultimate Hunter” which came in a 2-Pack.

A friend of mine of Twitter, Patrick O’Brien, was kind enough to send me some shots of his vintage Spiked Tail and Stalker Predators. You can follow him on Twitter @OBrien10712.



As you can see, NECA faithfully incorporated all the elements and color schemes as possible from the original Kenner toys as possible.


We’ll start with Spiked Tail.


Spiked Tail comes with a removable mask…


an arm mounted, bendable blade…



and a shiruken that can be mounted on Spiked Tail’s shoulder.


Spiked Tail is unique among the NECA Predators. His stripe skin pattern, ornamental horns and permanently placed breathing mask all make him stand out on a shelf next to the other hunters.


His namesake is not a tail in the traditional sense, but a spiked ball at the end of a long trail of his tendrils. This trail is bendable.


Spiked Tail also features other mechanical parts unique to his armor besides his mask.


Stalker Predator is my personal favorite of this series. His most obvious feature is his glow in the dark body and mask. Most glow in the dark toys have only a portion that can glow, Stalker’s entire body on the other hand is completely made of out the fluorescent material.


Glow in the dark was a big toy gimmick in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I remember having glow in the dark toys from a variety of toy franchises such as Terminator and The Real Ghostbusters. And this isn’t NECA’s first venture into glow in the dark toys. They recently released a Toys R Us exclusive glow in the dark Thermal Vision Xenomorph from AVP: Alien Vs. Predator which you can read my review of here.

Stalker gives off a bright glow and this seems to have the best results when placed in direct sunlight.


Stalker comes with a removable mask…


a Net Gun that has its own slot on the right leg…


an alternate hand for the Net Gun…


an extended spear…


and a pair of collapsed spears that can be stored in Stalker’s backpack.


The detailing on Stalker’s armor is incredible! The most apparent feature of this armor is the Xenomorph head which is mounted to Stalker’s chest plate.


Other interesting points are the spikes on the armor include the thigh and shoulder guards as well as human skulls on the shin armor.


Stalker is also the first Predator made by NECA to come with the Net Gun as a removable weapon.


This gun was first seen in Predator 2 brandished by the City Hunter Predator. When NECA made City Hunter years ago for their Predator line, the Net Gun was attached to City Hunter’s leg. While it has been announced that an Ultimate City Hunter is coming with a removable Net Gun, Stalker is the first to reach retail with one of them!


Ghost Predator is another new addition to the Kenner line.


As I mentioned before, this figure isn’t as directly inspired by previously released Kenner figures as Stalker and Spiked Tail is. He is more of an artistic liberty taken by NECA’s artists with a larger, 12 inch Kenner Predator that was released in a 2-pack.

Ghost features a removable mask…


a smart disc that can be placed in the thigh holster…


a spear…


a sword…


an extendable pair of wrist blades done in black for the first time…


a wrist computer that opens…


a bone necklace made of the mandibles of Super Predators…


and a plasma cannon.


Ghost received his name from his eerily pale skin.


This skin is complemented with dark stripes that run along certain sections of his body.


Ghost has a surprising amount of weapons for a single Predator as well.


This series is rare among the other 15 series of Predators for one specific reason. All three Predators in this series have a removable mask.


Many people have asked NECA online why they have made both masked and unmasked versions of Predators in the past. Why not have the mask be removable with all of them?
NECA’s goal is just like that of most companies who produce collectibles from films, screen accuracy. They want to make the most perfect replica of what fans saw in the films as possible. NECA tried many ways to make the Predators’ masks removable. Each time, either the face/head or the mask didn’t look EXACTLY like what was seen on film. They didn’t want to try pegs as that would leave holes in the face. They even tried magnets in both the head and mask to try and pull this off. Nothing looked exactly like the on screen Predators, so they decided to make two versions instead of one.


So, you may be asking, why do some have removable masks now?


Because all the Predators made by NECA with masks that can come off are all based on Predators that were not seen in films. They are based on earlier Kenner Toys figures or comic books, so more liberty could be taken with head and mask sizes in order to make them work. The only on screen Predator with a removable mask is Series 17’s upcoming Elder Predator from AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. However, the Elder only carries the mask in the film, he doesn’t wear it. It also has an opening in the front of the mask for the Predator’s lower mandibles to rest in and I think that may also have helped make this one removable.


These are my favorite Kenner Predators of all the ones NECA has produced so far. Every aspect of the figures captures the retro feel perfectly and the detail in the armor is some of the finest in the whole line.


NECA is continuing the Kenner line very soon with the Deluxe Clan Leader Predator figure which is arriving to me any day now! Look for a review soon!


Predator Series 16 is available online and in stores now for around $21.99 a piece.

For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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