NECA’s Kenner style Deluxe Clan Leader Preadtor



By now, its nothing new that NECA Toys has been doing their own updated versions of the early 1990’s Kenner Toys Alien and Predator figures. You can read my review of NECA’s Alien Vs. Predator 2-pack here and Predator Series 16 here both of which are Kenner themed.

Well, NECA did it again with the Kenner tributes.

And this one is big. Very big.


The Deluxe Predator Clan Leader!


NECA stuck to their theme of recreating the original Kenner packaging, however in this case, there was a snag. The Kenner Clan Leader came on a standard card back with a bubble. But, NECA’s version is so much heavier that making it available on a card back wasn’t possible. So, NECA packaged it in one of their window boxes…


with the front cover of the box printed up as how this Clan Leader would look in the old Kenner packaging. They even included the hole for the store shelf pegs and the outline of the bubble. I think this was a very clever touch on NECA’s part.


They also continued their tradition of creating a backstory for the Kenner Predators.


This figure is the largest 1/10 scale Predator that NECA has made and that is appropriate as the original Kenner Clan Leader was the largest Kenner Predator at the time.


Clan Leader comes with a removable mask, bladed staff, plasma cannon, two bendable tentacles and two tentacle tips.


Right off the bat, the Clan Leader stands out among the other NECA Predators with his bright coloring and ghostly, white tendrils. The tendrils themselves start white near the head and become more grey as they go.


Clan Leader’s bright skin is offset by dark stripes running vertically down his whole body.


The head is amazing, a sculpt created for the upcoming AVP: Alien Vs. Predator Elder Predator. Dark, red eyes sit deeply in the hideous face.


The markings on his forehead are the same as that of Scar Predator and Elder Predator from AVP as well.


Clan Leader’s backpack is massive.


It features clan markings and a clip to attach the staff.


The same markings can be seen on the chest armor as well.


The plasma cannon plugs into a slot on the top of the backpack. This is the newer AVP style plasma cannon


The mask can slip on and off easily. The mask is also detailed and painted on the inside.


Clan Leader’s main feature though is his pair of huge, bendable tentacles. These can be plugged into the large gauntlets on each of Clan Leader’s arms.


Or into the two sockets on Clan Leader’s collar armor.


The two tentacle tips are meant to plug into the same places to create the illusion that the tentacles can be completely retracted into the armor.


This figure is amazing! The photos speak for themselves, he is a striking and impressive in size and design with bright paint apps and a huge arm span with the tentacles.


He helps round out an impressive and varied Kenner tribute collection by NECA that fans expect to keep growing. If you only buy one of these Kenner Predators, Clan Leader might be the one to chose. I’ve seen a few fans now say that they were not interested in the Kenner line until this figure was revealed and that is totally understandable.


For all the latest NECA Toys news and information, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks very much for reading!

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