NECA Toys’s Ultimate Chucky

NECA Toys’s Ultimate line prides itself in giving collectors a complete or near complete embodying of a classic film character in an awesome, window style box. And so far, each one has delivered! Just this past summer, they released two Ultimate Jasons from the Friday The 13th series. Each included enough accessories to cover every weapon Jason used in each film as well as the damage done to his head throughout the movies. I thought those were the two most fully encompassing of their source films Ultimates that NECA had released.

Until this came out…


Ultimate Chucky!!!

I honestly feel that this is their best Ultimate figure in terms of bang for your buck. Ultimate Chucky comes with enough accessories to recreate his appearance in FOUR separate films, Childs’s Play 1 through 3 and Curse of Chucky! For months leading up to this figure’s release, NECA’s director of production Randy Falk had shared teaser images while stating he thought it was the best Ultimate figure they had done to date. I can absolutely see why.

As you can already see above, NECA has done what all fans hoped and made the packaging in the same style as the Good Guys toy packaging seen in the film series.


Once you open it up, you can see this figure really is loaded far beyond previous Ultimate releases.


Flanked by a great photo of the figure, the main window continues the Good Guy packaging theme and includes the toy line’s catch phrase, “I’m your friend till the end!”


Once the tray with the figure is removed, you can see another accessory peaking out from behind Chucky…


A miniature Good Guys box complete with window that will hold the figure inside of it!


This box comes flat but easily folds into the proper shape and holds it without problem! It looks fantastic and is honestly my favorite accessory in this set!



The first thing we see when cracking into this figure is how many heads he comes with! Four in total! Please note! The black, head stands shown in the photos below are not included with this figure.


A standard, non evil, Good Guy face…


A possessed face…


A sliced face from Child’s Play 3…


And a stitched up face from Curse of Chucky!


These heads pull on and off with ease as do the alternate hands provided to hold Chucky’s huge arsenal. Chucky comes with almost every single weapon
he uses in the first three films of his series.

The voodoo dagger scene in the original film.


The Good Guys hammer Chucky uses to kill Andy’s babysitter in the same, first film.


The baseball bat he uses to knock out Andy in the film.


The yard stick he beats Andy’s teacher to death with in part 2.


The next accessory, NECA really went all out with. The included the dagger Chucky uses near the end of part 2…


Near the end of the film, Chucky gets his right hand slammed in a metal gate and has to pull it off at the wrist to escape. He then removes the dagger’s handle and jams the bottom of the blade into his wrist stump to create a dagger hand. NECA included an alternate, lower arm to completely recreate this look!


The gory Child’s Play 3 head is incredibly detailed and is my personal favorite head of the lot.


From part 3, Chucky comes with a combat knife…


a straight razor…


and a small gun.


From the sixth film in the franchise, Curse of Chucky comes a stitched up head and a butcher knife.


It’s so awesome that Chucky has finally been redone by NECA and at a proper scale to the other horror greats they have produced over the last, few years!


Ultimate Chucky is available now in stores and online for around $25 before shipping. Cannot recommend this one enough!

Thanks for reading and you can follow me on Twitter @Ode2Ash.

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