NECA’s 7 inch Batman Begins and Harley Quinn

For the last three years during the holiday season, NECA Toys has surprised its fan base and toy collectors in general with new figures showing up unannounced in Toys R’ Us stores. NECA’s director of production, Randy Falk, said that they wanted to recreate that feeling you had as a kid when you would go into a toy store and find new items that you didn’t know were coming.

And they definitely pulled it off.

Two years ago, this showed up unannounced in stores.


A 7 inch version of the previously released NECA 18 inch Michael Keaton Batman from the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman.


Fans were shocked to see this. As soon as NECA announced they were making figures from DC Comics in 18 inch scale, they were inundated with the question of whether they would also make them in 7 inch size. But, unfortunately, they couldn’t because another company owns the rights to make figures at that size.

However, due to an old home video promotion held by Warner Brothers, if a copy of a Warner Brothers DC based film was sold alongside the figure, then the toy could be produced at 7 inches. So, for the last three years, that’s what NECA has done. Surprised fans with small scale versions of that years previously released 1/4 scale DC figures. Other than that, all the details of just how this is legally accomplished is kept secret.

Last year, the number of figures jumped from one to three! Collectors walked into Toys R’ Us to see figures of Adam West’s Batman from the 1966 Batman television series…


Heath Ledger’s Joker from 2008’s The Dark Knight


and Christopher Reeve’s Superman from the 1978 film of the same name waiting for them!


The fan reaction was even bigger than the previous year. West is an icon, Ledger took audiences to places they had never been before and Reeve starred in the first huge, superhero film. I remember collectors from all over Europe and Asia posting on US based toy message boards looking for these figures, in particular Reeve.


Well, we’re now in the holiday season and just before Thanksgiving of this year, NECA surprised fans again with these…


7 inch versions of Christian Bale’s Batman from 2005’s Batman Begins and Harley Quinn as she appeared in the 2011 video game “Batman: Arkham City”. Again, like the years before, these are smaller versions of 18 inch DC figures NECA has released during the past year.

We’ll start with Batman.


Batman Begins was the start of a new trilogy of Batman films and would reintroduce audiences around the world to the character and his villains in ways they couldn’t have imagined.


The armor details on the Batsuit are great. All the lines and creases from when it was a tactical body armor suit are clear on the chest, arms and back.


The facial sculpt and logo on the chest are dead on as well.


Batman comes with two alternate hands…


a pair of Batarangs in different sizes…


a grapple gun…


and a clip to holster the grapple gun to the back of Batman’s utility belt.


The cloth cape can wrap around the arms or tucked behind the shoulders.


This figure is an awesome addition to the NECA DC line and goes well next to the Joker.



Harley Quinn is the second addition to the DC line this year and she is unique among the lineup.


She is not only the first female addition to the DC line, but the first character to be chosen from a video game, not a feature film.


Harley comes with two alternate hands…


a pair of machine guns…


and a baseball bat.


Harley is a highly detailed figure. The tooling on the leather creases, buckles, studs, lace on her bra, corset and underwear, tattoos and a real metal chain all stand out very well.


The machine guns can be wielded as either a pair or individuals.


The blast effect that came with Vasquez from the Aliens series plugs in easily to Harley’s machine gun for added action and detail.


Again, this effect does not come with Harley, but goes well with her. In fact, this blast effect has been used by NECA fans with Terminator, Rambo and Dutch from Predator figures since its release with Vasquez.

Harley even has articulation in her ponytails.


This allows for some great touches of realism and gravity to an action photo.


These ponytails and weapons allow you to create some great battles between her and Batman.


Harley also poses very well with her beloved Mr. J.


Batman Begins’ Batman and “Arkham City” Harley Quinn are exclusive to Toys R’ Us stores in the US only and available now for $19.99 each. Go grab them now to add them to the NECA DC lineup!


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NECA’s Predator Series 16


Retro toys are all the rage right now. People my age and slightly older have a desire to revisit their childhoods in various ways. Adult themed coloring books from shows such as Game of Thrones and films like Harry Potter have become extremely popular in the last few years. NECA Toys has tapped into the same sense of nostalgia in its products. They’ve created a line of figures styled off of the old MEGO style designs of the 1970’s. And they’ve also tapped into the memories of the early 1990’s toy market with these…

The Kenner Toys themed Predator Series 16!


I’ve previously reviewed NECA’s Kenner styled Alien Vs Predator 2-Pack which you can read here to get a sense of the look they were going for in both faithfully recreating the packaging of the early 1990’s and updating the figure itself dramatically. NECA continued this idea perfectly in this new series!


Along with recreating the figures and packaging, NECA created very detailed backstories for each of these Predators.


As well as the NECA name written in the Kenner Toys logo style.


Spiked Tail Predator and Stalker Predator are updated versions of previously released standard Kenner toys. While Ghost Predator is a creation of NECA’s artistic ability mixed with the design of a larger, 12 inch Predator figure made by Kenner named “Ultimate Hunter” which came in a 2-Pack.

A friend of mine of Twitter, Patrick O’Brien, was kind enough to send me some shots of his vintage Spiked Tail and Stalker Predators. You can follow him on Twitter @OBrien10712.



As you can see, NECA faithfully incorporated all the elements and color schemes as possible from the original Kenner toys as possible.


We’ll start with Spiked Tail.


Spiked Tail comes with a removable mask…


an arm mounted, bendable blade…



and a shiruken that can be mounted on Spiked Tail’s shoulder.


Spiked Tail is unique among the NECA Predators. His stripe skin pattern, ornamental horns and permanently placed breathing mask all make him stand out on a shelf next to the other hunters.


His namesake is not a tail in the traditional sense, but a spiked ball at the end of a long trail of his tendrils. This trail is bendable.


Spiked Tail also features other mechanical parts unique to his armor besides his mask.


Stalker Predator is my personal favorite of this series. His most obvious feature is his glow in the dark body and mask. Most glow in the dark toys have only a portion that can glow, Stalker’s entire body on the other hand is completely made of out the fluorescent material.


Glow in the dark was a big toy gimmick in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I remember having glow in the dark toys from a variety of toy franchises such as Terminator and The Real Ghostbusters. And this isn’t NECA’s first venture into glow in the dark toys. They recently released a Toys R Us exclusive glow in the dark Thermal Vision Xenomorph from AVP: Alien Vs. Predator which you can read my review of here.

Stalker gives off a bright glow and this seems to have the best results when placed in direct sunlight.


Stalker comes with a removable mask…


a Net Gun that has its own slot on the right leg…


an alternate hand for the Net Gun…


an extended spear…


and a pair of collapsed spears that can be stored in Stalker’s backpack.


The detailing on Stalker’s armor is incredible! The most apparent feature of this armor is the Xenomorph head which is mounted to Stalker’s chest plate.


Other interesting points are the spikes on the armor include the thigh and shoulder guards as well as human skulls on the shin armor.


Stalker is also the first Predator made by NECA to come with the Net Gun as a removable weapon.


This gun was first seen in Predator 2 brandished by the City Hunter Predator. When NECA made City Hunter years ago for their Predator line, the Net Gun was attached to City Hunter’s leg. While it has been announced that an Ultimate City Hunter is coming with a removable Net Gun, Stalker is the first to reach retail with one of them!


Ghost Predator is another new addition to the Kenner line.


As I mentioned before, this figure isn’t as directly inspired by previously released Kenner figures as Stalker and Spiked Tail is. He is more of an artistic liberty taken by NECA’s artists with a larger, 12 inch Kenner Predator that was released in a 2-pack.

Ghost features a removable mask…


a smart disc that can be placed in the thigh holster…


a spear…


a sword…


an extendable pair of wrist blades done in black for the first time…


a wrist computer that opens…


a bone necklace made of the mandibles of Super Predators…


and a plasma cannon.


Ghost received his name from his eerily pale skin.


This skin is complemented with dark stripes that run along certain sections of his body.


Ghost has a surprising amount of weapons for a single Predator as well.


This series is rare among the other 15 series of Predators for one specific reason. All three Predators in this series have a removable mask.


Many people have asked NECA online why they have made both masked and unmasked versions of Predators in the past. Why not have the mask be removable with all of them?
NECA’s goal is just like that of most companies who produce collectibles from films, screen accuracy. They want to make the most perfect replica of what fans saw in the films as possible. NECA tried many ways to make the Predators’ masks removable. Each time, either the face/head or the mask didn’t look EXACTLY like what was seen on film. They didn’t want to try pegs as that would leave holes in the face. They even tried magnets in both the head and mask to try and pull this off. Nothing looked exactly like the on screen Predators, so they decided to make two versions instead of one.


So, you may be asking, why do some have removable masks now?


Because all the Predators made by NECA with masks that can come off are all based on Predators that were not seen in films. They are based on earlier Kenner Toys figures or comic books, so more liberty could be taken with head and mask sizes in order to make them work. The only on screen Predator with a removable mask is Series 17’s upcoming Elder Predator from AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. However, the Elder only carries the mask in the film, he doesn’t wear it. It also has an opening in the front of the mask for the Predator’s lower mandibles to rest in and I think that may also have helped make this one removable.


These are my favorite Kenner Predators of all the ones NECA has produced so far. Every aspect of the figures captures the retro feel perfectly and the detail in the armor is some of the finest in the whole line.


NECA is continuing the Kenner line very soon with the Deluxe Clan Leader Predator figure which is arriving to me any day now! Look for a review soon!


Predator Series 16 is available online and in stores now for around $21.99 a piece.

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NECA’s Toys R’ Us Exclusive AVP Grid Vs. Celtic: Rivalry Reborn 2-Pack


The Predator franchise is NECA Toys’ highest selling line. It has been for the past eight years and current sales figures show this line is only getting more popular, with some of the largest and most detailed Predators coming in the next few months.


Deluxe Clan Leader Predator coming soon!

In the past year, NECA has focused a large amount of its time working on creatures from the 2004 film AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. They began in Series 14 of the Predator line with Unmasked Scar Predator, Celtic Predator and Chopper Predator which you can read my review of here.


Celtic Predator, Unmasked Scar Predator & Chopper Predator

NECA then continued producing the creatures from this film in both the Aliens and Predator lines. Series 15 of Predator was again AVP based and Series 6 of Aliens featured two versions of the Xenomorph Warrior that appeared in the film.


Ancient Warrior Predator, Temple Guard Predator & Masked Scar Predator


Grid Xenomorph on the left and Warrior Xenomorph on the right are featured in AVP.

Fans are loving the sculpts from this movie and even more figures from it are scheduled next year for Series 17.


Elder Predator in the center and Youngblood Predator on the right are featured in AVP.

So, fans were naturally excited when NECA revealed this exclusive Toys R Us set featuring alternate versions of previously released AVP figures…


The Grid Vs. Celtic: Rivalry Reborn 2-Pack!


As I mentioned, this set makes use of the previously released Celtic Predator and Grid Xenomorph figures and alters them to create battle damaged versions that look the way they did during their epic battle in the film. This fight and this scene are significant in the film as it is the first time we actually see a Predator battle a Xenomorph. And not just any Xenomorph, as this particular one had already killed the Chopper Predator before lunging at Celtic, showing particularly deadly skills.


Battle damaged Grid comes with only one accessory, the sliced off tip of his tail.


This can also be brandished by Celtic as a weapon.


This new Grid also features a clear head dome where the first Grid had a dark one.


Grid Xenomorph


Battle Damaged Grid Xenomorph


Grid Xenomorph & Battle Damaged Grid Xenomorph

Both versions of Grid feature a bendable tail and an extendable, inner jaw.


Battle damaged Celtic comes with a shiruken…


a pair of wrist blades melted by Xenomorph acid blood that were used to slice off Grid’s tail…



a cloth net with plastic pins…


and a ceremonial dagger.


This Celtic also comes with less body armor. During the battle, the Grid Xenomorph flicks its tail towards Celtic, splashing his chest armor with acid blood that starts dissolving it. Celtic tears this damaged armor off of himself mid fight.


Celtic Predator & Battle Damaged Celtic Predator

Celtic also features a bio mask with deep claws marks running down it from where Grid slashed at his face.


The acid melted wrist blades pop in and out easily.


The ceremonial dagger fits snugly into the leg sheath.


These two figures pose together very well and you are able to recreate many of the battle moments from the film.



A NECA Dynamic Stand help make Grid seem just as agile as it did in the film.


The net accessory is new and unique. Celtic fired the net from his wrist when Grid tried to jump him from behind and above.


The net slammed shut around Grid and he smashed through the floor when he lands. The net is made of serrated line that slices into the Xenomorph, leaving the signature marks across his head and shoulders.


However, those marks draw the Xenomorph’s acid blood which snaps the net line, freeing Grid.



Grid then finishes off Celtic the same way he did Chopper, a deadly strike of the Xenomorph’s inner jaw to the head.


NECA has recently announced that they would be releasing a pillar from the pyramid featured in AVP: Alien Vs. Predator. These pillars can be seen in the battle between Celtic and Grid and look like they will be a perfect companion piece to not only this 2-pack but all the NECA AVP figures!


The Celtic Vs. Grid: Rivalry Reborn 2-pack is a Toys R’ Us exclusive item and is only available in their stores or from their website here for $44.99.

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NECA’s Bloody Ash Faces Demon Spawn 3-Pack


Ash Vs. Evil Dead is without question a hit!

Since premiering Halloween Night 2015 on the Starz Network, two additional seasons were announced with the second season airing now! Ash is finally back to his old ways like fans have always wanted and its a very exciting time to be a horror fan, especially an Evil Dead one!

I recently reviewed the first series of NECA Toys’ action figures based on the show’s first season which you can read here. Fans loved them and NECA announced shortly after the main announcement of the line that a deluxe 3-pack would be coming soon to join the first series! It just arrived and here it is…


The Bloody Ash Faces Demon Spawn 3-pack!

Featuring an insert of the basement of the cabin in the woods…


this set features things that will please Evil Dead fans old and new alike! The older fans will be thrilled because for the first time in the history of Ash figures, we finally have one covered in the trademark gore of the franchise!


Making use of the Hero Ash sculpt from Ash Vs. Evil Dead Series 1, Bloody Ash features a bloody chainsaw…


alternate robotic hand…


and shotgun.


Like Hero Ash, the shotgun can be placed in the back sling.


Unlike Hero Ash, this Ash’s robotic stump is not removable and is attached to the chainsaw.


Every film in the series except for Army of Darkness features Ash covered from head to toe in blood at some point in the film. This happens multiple times in the first season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead and its still just as fun and gruesome as its always been. Bloody Ash is a perfect companion piece for the three previously released Ash Vs. Evil Dead figures or even against other NECA Evil Dead toys.


Now we come to what the newer fans will like, the two Demon Spawn!


I don’t want to give away any plot details for anyone who hasn’t seen Ash Vs. Evil Dead season one, but these two creatures were featured in that season’s finale. This episode featured Ash returning to the infamous cabin in the woods where all of his troubles started. Once there, Ash again ventures into the basement where the power of the Necronomicon calls forth something new for him to battle. Actually, two new things.


These creepy little bastards are burrowers, that’s why they are covered in mud.


Again, I don’t want to say too much more about the episode so as to not ruin it, so we’ll just stick to the toys. The Demon Spawn feature two unique head sculpts, one with the snarling face and one with a screaming face.


To round out the creepy picture, their eyes are black, hollow sockets and they are wearing what appear to be diapers of some sort.


One of the best parts about these two is that due to their smaller size and weight, you can actually have them climb on Ash to create more dynamic poses.


I like this set a lot. It gives us the blood covered Ash we’ve always hoped for and the two Demon Spawn pop nicely on your shelf on account of how pale they are.


This set is available now through NECA’s eBay and Amazon pages. It is shipping out now and will be available both online and in stores very soon for around $39.00.

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NECA’s Predator Accessory Pack

“That ain’t no way for no soldier to die” – Mac from Predator
Earlier this year, I reviewed the Aliens Creature Pack by NECA Toys which you can read here.


It was an immediate hit with fans and it was announced shortly after that accessory packs for both Predator and Alien 3 would soon follow. Well, the next set has arrived and it’s from the 1987 John McTiernan classic Predator!


NECA’s Predator Accessory Pack comes with seven items, four recycled and three new! Skulls of a human being…


a Xenomorph skull…


a skull with spine…


a bloody skull with spine…


a Jungle Hunter Shoulder Cannon style blast effect…


a City Hunter Shoulder Cannon style blast effect…


and, the main attraction, a full size, skinless corpse!


The corpse and blast effects are the new pieces. The Pack comes in a basic window box with a cool infrared shot of a jungle as seen through the Predator’s bio mask as a background insert.


In the film, Major Schaffer and his team get their first sign that something is very different about this rescue mission very early. Billy Sole, the team’s tracker, discovers three completely skinned bodies hanging upside down by their ankles from the branch of a tree while tracking them from a helicopter crash. The men are horrified at what they see and assume that it is the work of particularly brutal guerrilla soldiers. They have no idea what is waiting for them.


The skulls are wonderful set pieces to go with ANY Predator, either being held by them or just at their feet.


The AVP Predators look especially complete with the Xenomorph skulls!


The blast effects are wonderful little touches that give your displays an extra sense of vibrant motion!


While these blast effects will not fit all Predator Shoulder Cannons, they fit the majority.


Now, we come to the main attraction, the skinless corpse!

It is made of a hard rubber so it is slightly flexible, definitely not the same type of plastic a normal NECA figure is cast in. Now, in the film, these bodies always hang suspended upside down. The collector is free to come up with lots of different scenes and poses to try and recreate this. I personally chose to use hemp wick to hang the body as it has a natural vine type look. You can find this in smoke shops everywhere or online in many places such as Amazon.


Start by wrapping the hemp wick around the corpse’s ankles three or four times, enough to secure the beginning of the line.


Snake the opposite end of the hemp wick up between the ankles and through the loop the hemp wick has made around them. Pull the rope tight and it should be snug, straight and ready to be hung!

Because these figures are made out of a rubber type material as opposed to plastic, they are much lighter in weight and this makes suspending them from a surface much easier.

It is irrational how excited I was when NECA announced this! Every since the Predator line first started, I was hoping for these to be made as gory set pieces! I can’t recommend this set enough for anyone who is a fan of NECA Predators!


The Predator Accessory Pack is available online and in stores now for around $20.00.

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NECA’s Godzilla 2001



He is undoubtedly worthy of his title, “King of the Monsters”. Having spanned six decades and 31 films, Godzilla’s appearance has changed many times over the years. From the lumbering, black and white giant from the original film to the bright orange Burning Godzilla in 1995 to this year’s incredibly huge and bizarre Shin Gojira.

Due to the visual as well as personality differences between the variations of Godzilla, I’ve often thought of him to be similar to Batman in this regard. There are multiple story lines, tones and personalities during the years that clearly set both very campy and very dark moods. From the original 1966 Batman television series to The Dark Knight and similarly, from the child friendly protector of the 1970’s to the dark, nuclear nightmare of 1985; Godzilla and Batman have followed equally varied paths.

For their seventh Godzilla figure, NECA Toys decided to visit what is undoubtedly one of Godzilla’s darkest designs, the 2001 suit.


Like all previously released NECA Godzillas, this one features no accessories. The pieces you see along with Godzilla in these photos were provided by myself.


This suit only appears once in the film series in “Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack” or better know to fans the world over simply as “GMK”. Right from the beginning you can see how it stands out. This film is rare in the series as it not only sees Godzilla return to his darker origins, it also makes him the flat out antagonist of the film. Godzilla’s long time nemesis King Ghidorah actually appears as a force of good in the film, a first for the franchise.


In this film, Godzilla is possessed by the souls of all the people of Asia, both Japanese and non, who died in World War II and are upset with Japan for forgetting the sacrifices they made. This can be seen in his angry eyebrows and pure, white eyes.


This version also features larger claws on both the hands and feet than have been seen in most Godzilla suits.


The spins on his back also carry through with the white color scheme of this suit.


The anger is also clear in Godzilla’s face, caught in a sort of mid snarl look.


Compared to previous NECA Godzillas, the meanness of this one is obvious.


The tail of this Godzilla is also slightly shorter than previous suits.


I’m a massive Godzilla fan and the 2001 suit is one of my personal favorites.


It was refreshing to see Godzilla return to his origins in being a symbol of fear and I was very happy when NECA announced he would be joining their ranks.


Godzilla 2001 is available online and in stores now for around $20. Again, please note, this figure does not come with any of the accessories you see here.

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NECA’s Contra 2-Pack

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, SELECT, START

The Konami Code. A code in video games made by the Japanese company Konami that granted the player extra lives. I had it memorized as a kid as did almost all of my friends who played video games. And while the code worked on many games Komani made, there was one game in particular that cemeted it into my generation’s memory, Contra!


Contra let the player live the adventure of Bill and Lance, two soldiers in the jungle combating the forces of the evil organization Red Falcon. While it was released in arcades in 1987, it was the home console version for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1988 that truly introduced the game to audiences en mass. It quickly became one of the most popular and memorable games in NES history and it was this enthusiasm that lead to NECA Toys announcing this in the beginning of December 2015…


Fans, including myself, immediately freaked out. Not just for figures being made for the first time from a game that many of us love, but the awesome use of “floating” effects that made these figures already even more unique among the other VGA toy releases.
But, before we could celebrate for too long, it looked like these figures might have been heading down the drain.

Every figure that NECA creates has to be approved by the company that owns the property. For example, any figures made from the Alien or Predator films has to be approved by 20th Century Fox. In this case, Konami has to approve Contra. Well, for some reason, there was a problem along the way in developing the Contra 2-pack that Konami had with something. Randy Falk, NECA’s director of production and the man who runs their Twitter account, hasn’t commented on exactly what the issue was out of professionalism, but it almost killed the figures. A similar instance with Konami led to the cancelling of a classic 8-bit VGA version of Simon Belmont, the lead character from the Castlevania video game series, that fans had long awaited the return of until recently.

So, at the end of the day, there is much more legality in producing these figures that many collectors fail to appreciate and understand.

Now that the figures have arrived, they are better than I could have hoped!

img_8648img_8649img_8651 Coming in the now standard window flap box, the packaging recreates the original Nintendo box.


Even putting “NECA” in the Nintendo Seal of Quality as they have done before with VGA figures.


This is the first time NECA has packed two figures in one of the window flap boxes and they are fully loaded!


The figures come with an awesome insert of the large, mechanical beast that is the boss of the game’s third level.


Bill, red pants, and Lance, blue pants, both stand and can be posed very easily.


One of the features that made Contra stand out as a game was the awesome array of weapons you could pick up to use along the way. NECA translated these into plastic form brilliantly. The weapons would float through the air in capsules that the player would shoot to have the weapons inside drop to the ground to be picked up. NECA included one of these capsules with the Red Falcon logo and a stand to make it hover off the ground. The capsule plugs into the arm and the arm attaches to the base by inserting it and turning.


Two of the most memorable weapons the capsules can give from the game have also be recreated for these figures; the Machine Gun and Spread Shot!


Three separate bullets with trails combine to form the Machine Gun firing and then plugs into the barrel of Bill’s rifle.




The Spread Shot effect has three bullets and trails built into a blast effect that then plugs into the barrel of Lance’s rifle.


They are spaced in a half circle type shape to show the beginning of the Spread effect. The three bullet effects used with Bill can be plugged into the end of the Spread effect to make its ark even wider.


It is completed by plugging this massive bullet ark into the stand and turning it. You then align it with the beginning part of the blast in the rifle’s barrel to make one huge Spread Shot!


The stand is meant to be used with both the floating capsule and Spread Shot effect separately. The rifles themselves are excellent! The front end of each barrel detaches and is able to swapped, allowing the blast effects to be switched seamlessly between Bill and Lance.


img_8663They also feature flip down grips and one single extendable shoulder stock that can be used with either rifle.


All the customization options on the rifles are a testament to NECA’s attention to detail. I could easily see a lazier company just casting basic assault rifles accessories in pure red and blue and then calling it a day. Bill and Lance also come with matching accessory belts that each hold a handgun and a combat knife in their respective colors.


The paint apps on these figures are great, not just for the 8-bit paint squares, but the duel flesh tones make the faces and chests stand out more.


Bill and Lance can be posed in all the poses you saw them in the game such as running, jumping and firing while prone. Please note, this jump is being done with a NECA Dynamic Figure Stand and is not included with this Contra set.


This set is absolutely worth the price considering it’s two full size seven inch figures with a ton of accessories and a collectible box. Many friends of mine who have no interest in toys, but were big gamers when they were kids, commented on and asked me questions about these figures simply because Contra is so iconic. And so far fans are loving Bill and Lance! And I’m definitely one of them!


This set is available in stores and online now for around $44.00.

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