NECA’s Aliens Creature Pack


The NECA Toys Aliens series is their second best-selling line behind Predator. Some of NECA’s largest and most complex pieces are a part of the Aliens line, like the Xenomorph Queen and the P-5000 Power Loader.


Last September, I had the pleasure of being given a tour of the NECA Toys studios and offices by director of production, Randy Falk. Among the many things that Randy gave me an early preview of, one of them was the Stasis Chamber seen in Aliens. At the time it was shown to me, it hadn’t been completely decided how and when it would be released. But, it was one of the things I was shown that I couldn’t wait to see the fans’ reactions to.

Well, flash forward to a few moths ago when NECA revealed this, the Aliens Creature Pack!



This set contains two Stasis Chambers with removable Facehuggers and LED light-up feature, two loose Facehuggers and something long requested to be redone by NECA fans, two Chestbursters! All six creatures included with this set have bendable wires inside to allow for many poses.


The infamous Chestbursters haven’t been produced as an accessory for Aliens or Predator figures since NECA’s first venture into the Predator license in 2008 with the Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem line. Fans have been asking for their return since the beginning of the Aliens line and NECA, as usual, listened.



2008 AVP:R left, 2016 Creature Pack right


The Facehuggers are the recent type released with the Alien Egg Carton. There is no difference between the Facehuggers in the Stasis Chambers and the loose ones, the tails are just bent in a way to make them fit into the Chambers.


2008 AVP:R left, 2016 Creature Pack right


The Stasis Chambers are exact replicas with easy-open tops.


The LED lights operate by a switch on the bottom of the chamber, and the batteries can be easily replaced.


But, by far the coolest feature of this set along with the LED lights is the fact that you can fill the Stasis Chambers with water to completely recreate the famous jump scare scene where Carter Burke gets too close to a Facehugger he assumed was dead…


Or pose them the way they appear when it’s clear that someone has betrayed Ripley…


Coming in a window box with a cool background insert of the Med Lab, this set retails for only $19.99 and is available online and in specialty shops now.



I love things like this! I think they are wonderfully creative ways to enhance your displays without having to dish out big money to build a set piece. NECA has already said that a Creature Pack from Alien 3 is in the works and we were recently shown the Predator Accessory Pack coming this fall!


For all the latest NECA Toys news, follow them on Twitter @NECA_TOYS and you can follow me @Ode2Ash.

Thanks so much for reading!

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